I’m Still Alive!

Running and hiding in shame that my last post was on June 5th. I know I know I’ve been horrible at this personal blogging thing. It’s more so because personal blogging at times is very daunting to me. It means putting myself out there and cleaning out those cobweb filled closets of skeletons. New posts soon I promise!

All good things have been happening over in BBG World the last few months…Beautiful Brown Girls is growing by leaps and bounds, and we announced a few months back that we reached our 4000 member mark.


Hitting that milestone was such an amazing joy for me. To see a random idea of making a platform for myself (yes I am my own target demographic) to be able to connect with like minded individuals, and promote women helping, connecting, and building with each other to the powerhouse it has become today is nothing short of mind blowing!

Thankful. Grateful.

Ladies can also now represent Beautiful Brown Girls wherever they go, with a BBG t-shirt!


‘Beautiful Brown Girls’ Shop is now OPEN! Discounted pre-order prices now available till Sept 1st. Click here to make your purchase TODAY – http://beautifulbrowngirls.wazala.com/

I’ve be doing lots of reflecting on my end, including lots of vision planning for the future. Reminding myself daily to get out of my own way and just follow the path that’s already created for me. 🙂

Until we meet again…

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