Why I Moved Back Home

Morning Folks! Hoping all is well in your world. I know the title of this post threw you off a little lol but keep reading…

Yesterday morning I was blown away by a quote I saw “Go back a little to leap further” by John Clarke. Stopped me in my tracks, and made me remember a time that I had to really re-evaluate a lot of things in my business.We all have great ideas, awesome businesses that we see ourselves starting, etc. all swirling around our heads daily. We get so fired up about getting out there and doing what we love to do the most, but then it’s time to make a first step and we freeze, we get scared, we tell ourselves we don’t know what we we’re thinking lol, we pretty much talk ourselves out of it. It happens to the best of us, myself included.


I started Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club honestly from just a hobby of loving to go to brunch and try new foods with good company, and fun girlfriends. Nothing more, nothing less. I was content with accomplishing just that each month with the ladies from the group. One day I woke up and it was probably 3 chapters later and 2+ years into starting the BBG brunch club and I really questioned EVERYTHING! Where was this going, what’s the real purpose of this group. I was so scared that I really had to get serious about this brunch club thing lol. There was a need and I wanted BBG to fill that void for women who purely just wanted to find fun like minded friends. I was sick & tired hearing from the world that women of color hated each other. That wasn’t my reality and I wanted to show the world that there is a different way of thinking when it came to our sistas. Sounds simple right. Boy I was SCARED, frozen, talking myself out of really fulfilling this gift God was providing me. I had found my purpose and need to take my next step to taking this business seriously and I wasn’t sure I was ready.

Brings me back to the quote from John Clarke of going back a little to leap further. A few months after making a decision that BBG was going to be a global enterprise and what I do as a full time career one day I knew it was time to really look at the structure of the business side of BBG. I started running into a lot of roadblocks because I didn’t have money to incorporate or I didn’t have the funds to build a proper website, etc. All I could think about was I have real life bills and that I can’t think about adding more onto my plate. I knew it was now or never. A few months later I said Christina if you’re serious about your business you need to take it seriously. I packed up my entire 2 bdrm home and put all my things in storage. Packed up my clothes, my daughter, and my cat and moved back home with my parents. I needed capital and If I was going to take my business serious this was one way to save my money. It was a by any means necessary moment. I moved away from home when I was 17 years old and have been on my own since so the idea of living back home with my parents, following someone else’s rules gave me a feeling of defeat in the beginning but I reminded myself daily of the goal. It was a now or never moment and I was ready to finally take my BUSINESS SERIOUS. I was able to live with my parents (Thank God for them!) for a while to save money and put that money properly back into my business and it helped me to grow 10 fold in less than 6 months!

No i’m not saying pack your things and move home, what I am saying is wake up and take your ideas, business plans, etc. serious. I knew for me to grow I had to go back a little to leap further and I sucked up my pride and did that and the outcome has been amazing! What do you have to do to take the next step? I know you don’t want to do it, but it’s now or never. Step back to leap further!

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