On the eve of my birthday…


It’s been a minute, but I’m back!! It’s so fitting that I write this blog the day before the anniversary of my 25th birthday lol see what I did there. No I’m not afraid of getting older, but I am afraid of feeling old so i’ll always be fun and free like I was in my 20’s in my head.

Not going to make this a LONG drawn out post, but I do want to reflect on this year a bit. I set a lot of goals for myself one goal in particular was bringing Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club to NYC and I’m proud to say that I accomplished that before year’s end and so excited about the future of BBG. The future is SOOO bright ya’ll!

This last New York trip I took not only helped me to accomplish that goal but definitely gave me some really big life revelations. I’m happy I went alone, it gave me so much time to not just think, but not feel rushed, or pressured. Not that I have any issues traveling with my girls, but sometimes you just need to be on your own clock, your own timing, and not let your day be dictated or feel rushed. New York always puts me in a thinking state. I always think of the what if’s … What if I stayed? What if I never left the entertainment industry? What if ? What if ?

I got to accomplish a few things on this trip that really answered some questions.

1. One goal I had before I left NYC was to meet up with my daughter’s father and his fiancé. Some know my back story of that situation, if not go back and read a few of the blogs. The short version is that I had not seen him since my daughter was born. He walked out on our lives and I just moved forward as a single mom. After not hearing from him for almost 4 years he did come back in my daughter’s life and is making an attempt to be there for her and I’m forever grateful for that experience because it taught me forgiveness. So this time next month my 5 year old daughter will finally be meeting her dad in person for the first time. EVER. This meeting was my first time meeting his soon to be wife and I just wanted us to be grown ups and come together to a mutual understanding that we all are now responsible for another’s persons life and upbringing and lets act accordingly. God really showed up in that moment and I was able to connect with her and leave with a happy feeling of us all moving forward together for the betterment of my daughter. My daughter is so excited to meet her dad and that’s all that matters to me. Her happiness.

2. I was able to meet up with an old friend whose been there through all my adult craziness while in NYC. The ups and downs and though we don’t talk often it was just like old times. Really was amazing to see how we’ve both grown in life, and laugh about the things we did back then and even worried about back then that are so non important now. That moment really showed me how we grow in life. Life is all about forward movement and growth. Embrace change, it’s in the change that God is calling you to a higher level. Take that next step. I also was able to see what true friendship and sisterhood was. It was all about you are my sista and i’m here to encourage and have your back the entire way.

So on the eve of my next birthday I walk into this new year with such confidence. God has always been my very present help at all times, but my faith has grown so much these days. I know today that all things work together whether good or bad and it’s all for my favor!

Happy Birthday to me!

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